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Major Massachusetts Metro Areas
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Barnstable Town Area Providence-New Bedford-Fall River Area
Boston-Cambridge-Quincy Area Springfield Area
Pittsfield Area Worcester Area

Massachusetts State Statistics
Population 2006: 6,437,193 - 13th Highest State Population
Largest Massachusetts Cities (US Rank):
Boston (22) - 590,763 Population.
Others: Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge

Massachusetts Real Estate Market Snapshot

Housing Units (2005): 2,688,014
Households (2000): 2,443,580
Home Ownership Rate (2000): 61.7%

Boston Real Estate Market
Average Boston Home Listing Price
1 Bedrooms - $411K
2 Bedrooms - $596K
3 Bedrooms - $644K
4 Bedrooms - $788K
Average Home Sales Price: $652K
Median Home Sales Price: $465K
Average Price per Square Feet: $611

Massachusetts Income Snapshot:

Massachusetts Income:
Median Household: $50,500
Median Family: $61,600
Per Capita Income: $26,000

Boston Income:
Median Household: $39,600
Median Family: $44,200
Per Capita Income: $23,400

Notable Massachusetts Universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Boston College, University of Massachusetts

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